Scorpion Venom with Cannabis Oil adjunctive stories

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Scorpion Venom with Cannabis Oil adjunctive stories

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by drchen054 » Sat Apr 19, 2014 9:55 pm
Cannabis oil and Scorpion Venom - targeted delivery when possible (lung/skin etc)

Gentleman 65 years old approx in Los Angeles.

lymphoma, lung cancer - 3 weeks on cannabis oil and scorpion venom (applied topically to neck lymphoma lump)

Awaiting scan and other reports.

Update* - patient has proclaimed subtle yet significant decreased mass on lymphoma (neck area). Increased rotational motility of neck.

Lady near Brentwood - above 70 years old
Brain, lung, leg, organs
Report - increased vitality, reduced swelling around lymphoma blockage, reduced pain, awaiting scan and PSA reports.

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